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Confused about gain structure / setup

TyrolMediaTyrolMedia Posts: 2
edited July 2014 in Configuration Wizard
Hi there,

I recently purchased a DRPA+ and have it sounding decent with my system, but I'm concerned I don't have a good gain structure set up nor that the auto level wizard has configured my xover gain levels properly.

What I did when initially set up the DRPA+ preset for my system:

1. Ran the config wizard, selected stereo operation, custom bi-amped tops (see specs below, my tops are not in the DRPA), selected my subs, selected the amps (all crown xti's) powering each segment of the 3-way and set the attenuators on each amp to match the knob position on the DRPA+. Hooked up my DBX RTA mic and positioned it centered 25ft back from the mains. The system did its autoleveling thing and then I went through the rest of the wizard.


1. When at a show running full bore, my mixer master outs are @ just under clipping, the input meter on the DRPA+ peak @ 3, and my low & mid TH LEDs are flickering red, although the output meters for each band on the DRPA+ are barely coming up.
2. In my xover settings, the autoleveler brought my low-end down to like -20 and the low band is barely audible. If I bring that level back up to like -7, the system sounds beautiful and well-balanced. Why did it pull it so low??

Below are my system specs:

[Running stereo]
(2) Yorkville Elite L704 tops / bi-amped / Crown Xti1000 - highs / Crown Xti 4000 - mids
(2) Yorkville Elite LS1004 subs on (2) Crown Xti 2000's / bridged / 1-Left, 1-Right
Mixer = Presonus StudioLive 24 ch


I know that when I create my preset and plug in my amp config, the DRPA+ supposedly takes care of the gain structure between the DRPA and the amps. What about between my mixer and the DRPA+ in? Here is my thinking, tell me if I'm wrong! :)

1. Run pink noise from a test CD through my mixer and set the master at just below clip.
2. Adjust the master level knob on the back of my Presonus so that the input meter on the DRPA+ is just below clipping @ steady 3.
3. Adjust xover levels on each of the 3 bands so that the output level meters on the DRPA+ are just below clipping. (This is where I am truly unsure, but I reason that pink noise is even across the spectrum, so therefore when a steady level of it is run out of the DRPA+, all 3 bands should have similar output levels metered, correct?)
4. Set limiters on each band accordingly to protect spikes.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks.


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    I think they should have added a few steps before the Auto Level, and indoors, Low end buildup ( Modes ) cause the auto eq/leveler to artificially lower the bass output...

    exit by pressing the Program (home) key
    Press the Xover button, (tell us what the wizard set the xovers and gains at) here I would set up the xovers and gains (roughed in) by what I think they should be (especially if they are not in the menu.. I have the Yorkie Elite 2204's..

    Then I use this method for gain structure:

    You'll find a lot more help in the FAQ's:

    As well..
  • scorp50scorp50 Posts: 15
    Thanks Gadget for your excellent article/links on x-over settings and gain setup.
    How is this process adapted to gain setup when top boxes are passive and subs are active powered speakers where the speakers cannot be disconnected from the internal amp.
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Powered speakers are difficult to do a proper gain structure on...By the time you see the clip light you are already well into clipping. Here I suggest you find the point where the subs begin to clip and then (I assume here that the tops will outrun the subs unless you have LOTS of them) lower till they just stop clipping (you'll hopefully have some headroom left) set the level of the tops accordingly...that's the best I can suggest...
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