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Uninytended Firmware Update...roll back?

rossdrossd Posts: 5
edited July 2013 in SC 32 & SC 64
We unintentionally rolled to 4.0.8 from 4.0.2 (sc 64). We have an event in 48 hours and have lost our presets and device config as a result of this. How can we roll back to 4.0.2?

Thanks for the quick attention.



  • You’d have to connect to SC64 with the previous/older version of System Architect and then run the firmware updater.
    This will roll the firmware back to
    New and Previous versions of are available at: http://archimedia.harman.com/en-US/system_architect
    Unfortunately this does not restore the programming but if you have the device or venue file already backed up, you can re-load into or the most current version at this time,

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