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Setting ups a dvx PA 2 with a Peavey 8660d powered mixer

Shamus51Shamus51 Posts: 8
edited December 2016 in Connectivity
I am a newbie, as you can see from the heading of this question. I have a small 5 piece band that plays indoors and outdoors for various events. I have an 8600d powered mixer that I attach to 2 15 inch passive Peavey speakers, and 2 12 inch passive speakers both put in service about 1995!. They were lightly used in a church and are in perfect condition, and sound quite good.

As you can tell, my system is a budget system. In an attempt to make it easier for sound set-up, and to improve overall sound, I am going to try to add a dbx PA 2 to the system.

It appears to me at least, that I could use the inputs on the front of the 8600d using the main out and monitor out route to the dbx, then take the dbx out back to the power amp 1 and power amp 2 to get the sound back into the power mixer, which will then go to the speakers(1/4 inch jack again).

I understand that I have to use some cord adapters to get the 1/4 inch to xlr and then xlr back to 1/4 inch.

An alternative set-up would be to use a Mackie mixer that I have to take care of the xlr problem to the dvx on the front end, and then go back into the powered 8600d via the power amp 1 and power amp 2.

I know that I should fire the guy that thought up this set-up, but that is me and that is what I have to work with.

I could scrap the 8600d and start again( only a year old) but I'd like to use what I've got.

So any comment about my proposed set-up would be appreciated and welcomed. Other suggested set-ups would also be welcomed.

Thanks, JM


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    If the 8600d meets your needs, leave the extra mixer out. Keep it simple.
    If you have cable making experience, make the cables you need to go back and forth to the PA2. I usually don't like adapters that extend the solid connection. Too easy to break if hit by mistake, or the cable side pulled.
    The 1/4" ins & outs of the peavey are unbalanced (tip / sleeve).
    The connection are:
    XLR pin 2 > 1/4" tip (center connector)
    XLR pin 1 > 1/4" sleeve (outer connector/ cable grip) for shield. (1/4" mono plug)

    XLR pin 3 (not required unless hum or buzz) > XLR pin 1 jumper (or > 1/4" sleeve, if 2 conductor + shield wire is used).

    Anything else?

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    Thanks. I am going to try and set it up this week. I have the RTA mic.

    Will I be able to handle the monitors through this set-up as well? The 8660d has separate amps for the monitors and mains, so I'd like to have both handle via the dvx PA2.

    Any set-up advice would be appreciated. JM
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    I don't own a PA2, but I believe that the AFS module is linked to left and right. So whatever input feed back occur in, the frequencies will be pulled out on the other side as well.
    You will have separate EQs, so that is good.
    You would set up the mains as left and the monitors as right. The config would be dual mono and at least 2-way. Put the mains as highs, and the monitors as lows. This allows the outputs to be x-over'd (filtered) differently and also limited at different levels. It also allow the output PEQs to tune the mains and monitors speaker differently.
    If you go ahead and set up a 3-way set-up, you can add a sub later if needed. You just put the sub on the left side with the mains and set the filter accordingly. Just use the outputs as what makes sense to you. (ie. tops and subs on high & mid left, monitors on low right)

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    Tried to set up this thing, butI think that I am of with regard to the hook up to the 8600d Peavey.

    I took the main out and used an 1/4 inch cable to xlr into the PA 2 input. Did the same with the monitor out to the PA2 input.
    I then took the xlr to 1/4 inch back into the 8600d powered mixer amp 1 and amp 2.

    I don't seem to have any speaker output? No sue if I have a bad cable or what.

    Seemed like I was making some headway with the RTA set-up, and wizard. But really got nothing as far as output to the speakers.

    Not sure what I am doing wrong? Help...
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Are you getting LED signal on the PA2 input meters?
    Are you getting LED signal on the PA2 output meters?
    Are your outputs muted?

    You can verify that your mixer out and back in flow is working by simply using a 1/4 to 1/4 cable to do a loop through.

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    Well I finally got back to working on this set-up. I've got a day job and all that. I do have my input and outputs on the DBX PA 2 lighting up. They never seem to get past the first level unless I really crank the Peavy output to max.

    I get lights at the SIG level, but not really above that. This is the same for the output meters, although when I crank the volume, I will get to the 2nd or 3rd bar levels.

    The inputs 1-2 have the buttons on the back +4dBu/-10dBV switches are out. (I.e. not Depressed).

    I get some output to my PA, but it seems as though it's not very much.

    Set-up wizard:

    Input set-up mono

    GEQ set-up Mono

    Amp set-up Peavy full range and speakers 2-way full range.

    Basically, I don't know what I'm doing...can you tell?

    My goal in getting this piece of equipment was to make my life easier, to get the max out of the system with any easy set-up.

    So how do I do exactly that, and nothing else?

    Thanks for your patience.

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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    I would recommend setting up the amp and the speakers as "not listed". Passive full range, not 2-way.
    Youtube is your friend. Search set-up of the PA2.

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    Well I don't really have a problem with the set-up, and I have gone through the you tube info on this. I basically set it up for full range passive type of PA.

    My issue, I think, is making it work with the Peavey 8600d powered mixer. I checked my connections and cords and they all test out OK. So...I was wondering if the xlr to TRS 1/4 inch jack is an issue? Should it be mono only?

    I just don't seem to get the level meters to move much, and so wondered if the main and monitor out from the Peavey, and then putting it back into the Peavey 8660d with the Amp 1 and Amp 2 is the glitch? I'm wondering if the signal is getting lost in that part of the whole thing?

    I have a small Mackie mixer that I could use on the front end to the PA 2, and then come out to the amp 1 and amp 2 on the Peavey. It would eliminate one set of xlr to 1/4 jack connections.

    Thoughts anyone?
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    The cables should be 1/4" TS, not TRS. The wiring should be as stated in my first post. Do you have any XLR adaptors? (to 1/4" or RCA) No transformer.

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    Well that was my question. Can you recommend some proper adapters as I'm not much with a soldering iron.
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777

    You need one of each of these. They are probably availalable at your local music store, on Ebay, or many of the other online stores.
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    Set up is for full range passive speakers
    not listed in the set up options.

    Left and right inputs work and I do have signal, though it never gets very high on the led meters.

    The Peavey mixer is set to Main/monitor on the little dip switch.

    Main is on the right input, monitors on the left according to the input meters as expected.

    With input back into amp 1 only, I get good output. With the individual control on the main and monitor knobs on the Peavey, working as expected.

    If I put the signal back into amp 1 and amp 2, then I get very little output, and the output is controlled by the monitor knob only.

    Led inputs never really get above the lowest level, no matter what I do, and do not show the bouncing levels that you would expect when watching the You Tube set up videos.

    The question becomes is the dbx doing anything? Output without it plugged in is far greater than with it plugged in.

    Since I only really am looking for FOH, control, I was thinking that I should plug in everything, and then simply unplug the monitors from going thru the dbx, after I get the wizards set.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated. Jim
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Does the PA2 have input level control? If so, increase it. You can also increase the gain on the x-overs.
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