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Crossover and filters Question

StonecladStoneclad Posts: 6
edited July 2017 in DriveRack PA2
My question is, do these crossover Freq. and Filter combos look reasonable?

My Setup:
2 JBL JRX 115 speakers on top Manufactures Frequency Range (-10 dB):2 38 Hz - 16 kHz Frequency Response (±3 dB):2 50 Hz – 12.5 kHz

I have them set at Hi pass 121Hz – Low Pass OUT with a Butterworth 36db/oct as the bottom and a Linkwitz Riley 48db/oct as the top

2JBL JRX 118s speakers for mids Manufactures Frequency Range (-10 dB):1 38 Hz - 300 Hz Frequency Response (±3 dB):1 47 Hz - 300 Hz

Have them set at Hi pass 86 Hz – Low pass 167 HZ with Butterworth 36db/oct as the bottom and Linkwitz Riley 12db/oct on the top end.

2EV Bass horn cabinets loaded with Eminence OMEGA PRO-18A speakers with a Manufactures Usable Frequency Range 40 Hz - 0.8 kHz

Have them set at Hi pass 40.7 HZ – Low Pass 224 HZ with Butterworth 30db/oct bottom and Butterworth 36db/oct for the top

Using Crown XLS 1500’s on the top. Behringer Europro EP 2500’s for the mids and
Two Carvin HD 1500’s each bridged for 900 watts.


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    Manufacturer’s speakers includes crossover and (of course) “filters� (Low & Hi). Thus you don’t need to “add� them (from PA2). In case of custom made speakers, without (internal) crossover, then “filters� from PA2 are necessary!

    For the JBL JRX100 series, there is already a “wizard� for them at PA2. BUT, by my personal opinion (and not only), is better to choose (cross point): 100hz LR24 rather than the 125hz BW24 the “wizard� recommend!
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    I agree with UG. 100hz LR24 for each x-over sub to highs. I would also change the hpf of the subs to 50hz BW18. By the time the filter is doing anything the sub is already struggling to reproduce those sub 47hz frequencies it is not designed for (or capable of). You will get more overall clean output with the higher filter.

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