PA2 Control App (Mac OS X) does not run on macOS Catalina 10.15

Apple have released a new version of macOS - Catalina version 10.15.
Sinse I upgraed to Catalina is the PA2 Control App useless.
It fails to run...
macOS complains about that it is old and not compatible with their transition to 64 bit software.
I can not downgrade - what to do?


  • BarLynBarLyn Posts: 1

    Email from dbx support:

    No plans for a new version of the control app specifically for MacOS Catalina as of now but that does not mean that it may not be forthcoming in the subsequent update, I just have not heard of any scheduled plan or ETA for this.

    So until dbx release a 64-bit version of the control app, you'll have to use Windows/IOS/Android.

  • whomeewhomee Mr Posts: 2

    No, I will not use Windows/IOS/Android .

    My Mac's are quite essential so I have to prioritize and dump the dbx gear.

    I cant use it anymore :/

  • I came for the same issue.

    Annoying that they are not planning to update the software.

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