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Copying programs between different 260's

PaulMazoPaulMazo Posts: 4
I have multiple amp racks, each with its own 260. They are multiple use racks, so I need to have 5 or 6 settings for different configurations in all of them. When I store \"save device\" and try to import it into another unit, all it stores is the current program. Under \"file>preferences\", \"When downloading I want...\", the \"configuration only\" selection is available, but the \"configuration & programs\" is not. I assume this is the problem. What can be done to help with this?

This is too basic a situation to not have a solution...yes?


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    did you right click on the top blue bar of the GUI box, and select \"export\" and then save the file to your documents as a .dwp? then do the same with each unit and \"import\" the settings you saved?
  • If you \"export program:, that only saves the current program. What I want to do it to be able to save ALL of the programs I just spent a couple of hours writing with one \"save\" and be able to import ALL of them with one \"load\" command.

    Your way works on a program-by-program basis, and I used that, but I still have to spend WAY too long loading them on one-by-one.


    Any other ideas?
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Contact tech support .. buit I do not believe that is possible...
  • Yep...called them and the reply is the same...IF the units had MIDI interfaces, then we could do a complete MIDI dump, including all parameters...but they DON'T...so it's a moot point. One by one copying is the only way you can \"clone\" DR260's in a system. I'm just glad I only have 4 and not a big install with 20 or 30!
  • I was also of the perception that the \"save device\", (vs the \"save program\") dumped all the programs to the disk file.

    Another option for cloning 260's might be to use a midi utility that will allow you to record and playback midi sysex data, such as \"Dumpster\" or the like.

    I'll experiment with my 260 and see how that works. Some such programs, many of which are free or shareware can be found at

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