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Is anyone using the VENU360 in studio

I have maxed-out my footprint with professionally treated bass traps, etc and the room is decent overall. I currently use a software-based program (within my DAW) to tune the space the rest of the way- works well. I would however like to hear the other audio sources thru the same "tuned" treatment. Is anyone using a VENU360 or similar unit for this purpose. Thanks in advance!!


  • HARMAN_EEldeHARMAN_EElde Posts: 1,186

    I have talked to several customers who use the PA2 and Venu360 to tune and control their monitors in the studio yes. Feedback has been positive overall

  • SRosetteSRosette Posts: 3

    Thanks so much for your answer. Is there something about either one which would commend it over the other?

  • SRosetteSRosette Posts: 3

    VENU360 ordered. Wish me luck!!

  • HARMAN_EEldeHARMAN_EElde Posts: 1,186

    The Venu360 has the ability to run mono separate paths and a third input for more Input routing ability and to be able to aux feed subs or monitor paths yes. Also you get a lot more input/output routing where the PA2 is pretty much a Stereo 3 Way Crossover.

    The Venu360 offers more between the two. Also whereas the PA2 runs one AutoEQ for all outputs, the Venu360 can run an AutoEQ for each output.

  • rdoerschrdoersch Posts: 6

    The venu360 also has AES inputs also if you have the AES outputs to drive them so you don't have to do the extra a2d, d2a.

  • HARMAN_EEldeHARMAN_EElde Posts: 1,186

    That's a good point as well!

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