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Bluetooth broadcast intermittent

Hi, I have two new eon one compact speakers which both work fine independently but when placed into broadcast mode, Bluetooth becomes intermittent with audio stuttering, speeding up , slowing down and stopping altogether. Sometimes it will work fine but mostly not. I’ve tried resetting units, reloading app, tried various different Apple devices with iOS 12 , 10 and 14 (in case iOS Bluetooth fault). I’m now thinking perhaps when updating speaker firmware an error occurred and wondering if I can re install ? I have tried everything else. I have noticed that when setting the host speaker, sometimes it’s front led changes from white to green and when done so, it works as it should. Mostly however, when pressing X to enable broadcast, the green led turns back to white. My thinking is the problem lies with data stream between speakers? Any ideas or help regarding how to reinstall firmware would be gratefully received. Thanks Paul ( firmware version 5.1.1 (200227)

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