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JBL eon one compact firmware update fail

Can't get my 2 eon one compact updated.
When I try on BT broadcast, the HOST speaker disappears from the app.
The app is generally slow in response to the sliders. And the music chops and increases in speed.
All this should probably be fixed if I only get updated firmware, which I do not get since the file is not on a remote server (message in the app).
Was this purchase a mistake, I ask myself.

And yes I have tried and reinstalled the app, reset with the buttons, with and without power connected .....


  • kpricekprice Posts: 1

    Having the same issue with the firmware update. It tells me it is available, but when I go to download, it says "the file is not on a remote server". Tried update from two separate devices.

  • KareKare Posts: 6

    Got this from Harman UK:

    Afternoon Kare,

    Support for your product should be provided initially through your point of sale, who will be able to provide first line support in most cases.

    With this said, you are correct. To resolve this specific problem should it arise then you will need a firmware update, we are aware that there is a server issue where the file isn't currently available which is being investigated currently, please check back on the app regularly and it should become available over the next few days.


    So keep trying

  • KareKare Posts: 6

    Ok so now JBL has found the file on a remote server, and I have run an update on firmware.
    But did not get much better. BT is as before with the master speaker disappearing from the connect app.

    Is there no one else who has this problem?
    If it is, then it indicates that there is a fault in the two I have.

  • thethe Posts: 4

    Today 06/11/2021..I got problem the same ..Can not update the firmware...Try ret..try difrient phone..Try another location and it just say conection failed...

  • Got the same problem IE can't update firmware tried all on hear no go, what a shame as the unit is brilliant except for the connection problem .

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