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PRX ONE App suggestions

Hi JBL/Folks.

New purchaser of PRX ONE (Firmware Version
IPad Air 2.
PRX App is v0.0.4(7)

Primarily I will use this in a Duo Act with Folk guests.
Happy so far with the purchase , after much research of the various column speakers on offer in market.

I have some personal mere suggestions, I feel could be a nicer experience with the App.

  1. Set Up Page - Save button ( Maybe should be - Load/Save ). This was confusing at 1st
    or possibly adding a Menu on main Mixer screen to Load Saved Mixer Scenes.

  2. Channel Strip

  • Bigger button or wider sensitivity on Volume control. Seems to lag on occasion, then jumps around in catch up...
  • Possibly a Lock/Un Lock on channel strip (prevent accidental finger mishaps )
  • LED indicator in Channel - Green (signal) Red (Clip) for quick identify on signal /feedback identification
  • Boost/PAD button for Passive/Active instruments.
  1. Parametric EQ
  • EQ - A pop out expanded window for those fine eq tunings
  • Custom EQ - Save and Name) for global use. i.e. Kick Drum, Violin, Flute and Banjo, id like on the fly in any channel strip.
  1. Master Volume Channel
  • Be nice to know the actual true peak/loading on the system on the App. Maybe a 5 LED light indicator.
    That way you can visually see (Low) level instruments, that perhaps should be pushed up in volume from the musician end. And also levelling Blue Tooth music to instruments...

  • Global EQ option. Maybe a simple 3 or 4 band EQ. As SUB may need turning down in a small room/hard wall environment). Im a fan of brighten EQing in Folk instruments, and Yamaha do well in this department.

  1. General
  • Customise colour scheme (Backgrounds). Day/ Night App colours.
  • Channel Mute RED/GREEN or Channel is Faded
  • Possibly ppl can share their Mixer skins in a Import/Export way.
  • Volume Slider Button (Slim, Wide)

All in all iam very happy with the system and App and can't wait to gig with it.

Thank you
Adam R


  • Aloha, Adam. I hope this works out for you.

    I've already played one gig - my once every other week 5 hour gig at a great farmers market yesterday. I've been gigging for over 60 years and I've done stage sound as well as been a recording engineer and producer for over 52 years.

    I'm fairly happy with the SOUND of the system. Luckily, it sounded GREAT right out of the box with my Taylor 714CE AND my partner's relatively cheap Taylor nylon string guitar. Best guitar sound I've ever had. We did some acoustic duets yesterday that were classic.

    Alas, the APP completely SUCKS!

    I was able to struggle through it even though I was completely unhappy with my vocal sound (Neumann KMS105!) for the whole time - the EQ apparently does NOTHING and the presets are awful. In desperation, I ran it just about flat -- as it comes out of the box.

    I'm going to post a more complete discussion of the incredible, massive, deal-killing shortcomings of the APP as another subject but I hope it works out for you.

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