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EON718S - where's the KICK?

I gotta be doing something wrong! Set up brand new EON718S for small rock gig with about 75 people. It should have kicked, but instead I couldn't get any serious volume without the Limit light shining Bright Red. I'm paranoid person so did not push it. I tried to keep Limit Light Green or Yellow all night, but then got very little volume. The band and even house sound from iPhone had no kick.

When I cranked input to the EON718S I got the Volume and Kick I expected. But I also got Bright Red Limit Light! I've owned couple other 18" powered subs in past so I know what to expect.

Set up: Zoom L20 mixer Master LR out into Ch1/2 into EON718S. Ch1/2 Pass-Thru to pair of EON612 on top end. The EON612's on top had more bass than the EON718S!

I had several reasonably experienced guys helping but we were all stumped. We tried all sorts of things to isolate issue and ensure signal was clean. We bypassed EON718S and wired directly to the EON612's; sounded fine. We wired that clean signal into EON718S but got no volume without a Bright Red Limit Light. We swapped around all the XLR's to make sure those were not issue.

I tried the Pro Connect app but it seemed to have no effect. App found and connected to the EON718S but none of the changes I made in the app appeared to impact anything on the speaker.

What am I doing wrong? Should I just ignore that Limit Light?



  • The limit light is currently malfunctioning. We have the fix diagnosed and we will deploy it in the coming weeks. I apologize.

  • rlakinrlakin Posts: 2

    Fantastic! That means I'm not a total idiot :)

    I assume this will be a firmware update. How will I know when its available, how will it be communicated?

  • Yes, it seems as if the 618s had kick, the 718s is questionable. The jury is still out.

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