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New Eon One MK2 firmware is wonky

After updating the firmware, I find that it takes my ipad considerably longer to locate the speaker. And if I switch to my songlist program, the JBL control software disconnects. Never did that before. Very inconvenient if I need to make a quick adjustment in between songs. Too much “dead air” waiting for the software to re-connect. 😒


  • ronjronj Posts: 4
    I completely agree with Mike.

    I have same issue since Feb 9 firmware update. The Bluetooth control channel remains dead for about 20 seconds or more once the app is returned from background or phone lockscreen (using iPhone 12 and latest sw). This is at a minimum very frustrating when trying to mute/unmute the bt channel quickly for karaoke.

    ***Another, more serious issue *** is the red limiter light on my eon one mk2 almost constantly flashing during use starting at *nominal* volume levels. This also began after the February 9 fw update. I don’t really feel confident using the system while the red limiter light is blinking almost constantly throughout the song - not just at peaks. This happens with an acoustic guitar and vocals just in my basement while practicing. And I’m not playing aggressively at the time —my line levels are about +24 db and the master volume is set at -11 to -8db. This was not happening before the February 9, 2023 firmware update. I really hope JBL corrects these issues. I love(d) my eon one MK2. I bought it right when it was released. But now I’m starting to think about a new system. However, I can’t honestly sell this to someone else with the issues it has described above. Humbly asking, JBL please fix this. I know these issues are easily addressable with a firmware update.
  • bsbarber73bsbarber73 Posts: 4
    I’m having similar issues. With it taking too long to connect and in addition the glitchy sliders jumping 5-6db or more when trying to move them 1-2db. Very embarrassing when volume moves that fast. So easy to tell from the audience. Gotta fix this. I have 2 systems and it is The same on both. 😔
  • ronjronj Posts: 4
    Folks i contacted JBL support, working with Jonathan Z. Seems like a really good tech. He informed me that the Bluetooth connectivity issues are a known bug and there should be an update for this in a future firmware release, but I don’t know the timeline for that however.

    he said he could not reproduce my other issue I’ve had since upgrading the firmware :”early limiting” issues where the limiting light flashes at volumes it really shouldn’t start limiting at. I have since sent him a video documenting some experiments I did at home that illustrate the problem hoping to hear back.
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