What’s better: long analog runs to Crown DCIn amps, or short analog runs to BLU-BIB then BLU-link?

I setting up a 7.1-channel system with 7 channels of 7-series speakers powered by a DCI8|600n and four subwoofers (fed from 1 input channel) powered by a DCI4|1250n.

The surround sound processor is in the same room as the speakers, but the Crown amps are in a adjoining room due to fan noise. So long cables are required between SSP and amplification. My two options for getting input to the Crown amps are

1) Long (>25') 8-channel wall-rated analog snake from the SSP to the Crown amps' analog inputs. (Or, more likely, all 8 to the 8|600n and then a short BLU-link connection to the 4|1250n, but same basic idea).

2) Short (<3') analog runs from SSP to BSS BLU-BIB, two long (>25') wall-rated cat6 for the BLU-link daisy chain.

Should I expect any SNR or other sonic differences between the two scenarios? Ironically Option 1 is more expensive here, because a BLU-BIB is on hand but bulk wall-rated 8-channel snake is not.


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