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Bluetooth partybox 300 software 151110

Hello people !
I don't know if I posted at the right place, but come on.
I have a jbl partybox 300 box. Since my tv has no bluetooth audio output, I use a p2 cable headphone output on the aux input of the box. Wanting to eliminate the cable, I bought a bluetooth dongle transmitter / receiver tx / rx. Only in this box he always connects normal, only sometimes sound comes out, sometimes not. Stay connected but mute. I have 2 more cx jbl and in them always works.
Will it be bluetooth incompatibility? Has anyone had this problem?
The software my partybox 300 is 151110.
Is there new software that fixes this?


  • my jbl partybox 300 won't update. I have 341219 before, I tried to update it to 381221 but instead it should have a highier version it went back to 151110. I suspect the usb drive but I tried several usb drive it still wont update. Until now its at version 151110. Yes i reformated my usb to fat32 only the Harman_G15.HUI file that is inside my usb drive still failure. I even tried the Harman_G1.HUI and it has same result . It stays at 151110 version. Is there any special USB drive needed .... Please help.

  • lellelelle Posts: 1

    ny här, jag har precis samma problem och jag har mailat supporten (vilket jag antar att du också gjort) väntar på svar och får jag ngt matnyttigt så informerar jag dig (har också mjukvara 151110) och en av 241531, får du ngn annan info på annat ställe så får du gärna skriva en rad här.
    hade också en liten fundering om USB minnet var av fel sort/utförande (kingston 32GB) men vi får se vad jag erhåller för svar
    mvh / Lelle

  • Yes me too my firmware version is 151110 how can i update my party box 300 to the latest version.bcause i dont like now the quality of the sound of my speaker..please please help me please.
  • Hi, if you contact Harmen they will send you the laster version, G15.HUI file (firmware 381221)

    1. Place the “Harman_G15.HUI” file into the root directory of an empty USB-stick.
    2. Connect the Partybox to mains power.
    3. Power ON the Partybox.
    4. Insert the USB-stick into the USB socket placed on the rear side of the Partybox.
    5. Press the Volume+ & Bluetooth buttons simultaneously for more than 10 seconds. The unit enters DFU mode and begins the upgrade (LEDs show white constant light).
    6. About 7 minutes later, the unit upgrade is complete. (LEDs shows a Green constant light). The unit should automatically restart after the upgrade is completed.

    This worked for me when I upgraded both of my Partybox 300's from firmware 341219 to 381221, which is an important upgrade if there is also a problem connecting the TWS mode.

  • Where can i download the latest frimware?

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