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Native PCM Effects Bundle: Root of Presets Category change from one computer to the other, any idea

I install my Native Effect Bundle in a new MacBook Pro with High Sierra and discover that when I open older sessions with Lexicon Plugins, the effects does not match because the roots on the Presets Category are in another order. In my old Mac with Capitan the order is: Flanger, Chorus, Vibrato, Odd Rooms. Now the order is Vibrato, Odd Rooms, Flanger, Chorus and on the Prests window it says "Preset Missing"
I use Nuendo 8.3
What can I do?


  • exo_cpexo_cp Posts: 9

    It is because of the new way how HighSierra formats your Hard Disk. If you check the information about it, you will see APFS format instead of MacOS extended.
    Nothing can be done. It is annoying. Perhaps an update of the Lexicon plug-ins will resolve this issue. It happens with other manufacturers too.
    You have to manually select the right preset it it says 'preset missing'. You can try a clean uninstall, reboot and fresh install with the last version of the plug-ins, but I am not sure if this is going to change something.

  • dariindariin Posts: 3

    Ok but why this only happens with Lexicon, I have another brands of plugins and nothing like this happens?

  • exo_cpexo_cp Posts: 9

    I had the same issue with other manufacturers too. It is not only Lexicon, believe me.

  • dariindariin Posts: 3

    Thanks, what a pain !!!

  • A shame that they don’t update all PCM bundles!!!!!!
    So expensive and nothing they do!!!!
  • HARMAN_EEldeHARMAN_EElde Posts: 1,162

    We did resolve this issue in the previous updates but it still remains for some users which we have a software escalation. It's been inconclusive.

    One fix was to uninstall the Plugins, create a New User on your Mac system, log into that, install the plugins, and then log back out and into your main user. See if the presets order correctly

    The other option is to do a full fresh install of the OS. Not optimal but it has been known to fix the issue

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