Lexicon PCM92 MIDI connection problem, Foot switch for Bypass does not work

I bought PCM92 works great! BUT I cannot solve two questions:

1) MIDI connection from Cubase. There is no MIDI signal input on the PCM92 screen. In this case, the signal passes through the THRU output to another device and it works.
I configure everything according to the instructions, but PCM92 does not feel MIDI messages.

2) Foot switch for Bypass does not work. When configured, the PCM92 recognizes the pedal, but after that nothing happens. Bypass does not turn on.

I noticed on the Internet, many people cannot solve these two problems with PCM92.
Probably, this is somewhere you have in frequently asked questions, but I can not find, can you help solve this problem? I would be very grateful for the hint.

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