Re: The option to allow a second iLok authorization to computer in a future update

(Disclaimer: Forgive me if another thread exists on this, I checked and didn't see any)

My situation is that I use two Mac computers for music production, MBP and a desktop Mac Pro. As much as I'm in support of anti-Piracy, it has been a bit of a pain to always have a physical iLok dongle always plugged in, particularly on the laptop, having to go back in forth, etc.

My humble wish is for version 1.3.9 or 1.4 of the Native PCM Reverb bundle to allow a second machine-based activation in addition to the physical iLok. -- Several other plugin developers ie Soundtoys have this. What it would allow, is for me to save one of them to the laptop, to where I can leave the physical iLok plugged into the desktop, which has 5 USB ports and less hassle.

Lately I've looked into phasing out the Lexicon with using the Valhalla and ArtsAcoustic ones instead. While those are good.... I did pay almost full price for these back in 2014. It's not like I can sell them and get my money back (that I know of). And quite honestly, I still prefer the sound of the Lexicon when it comes to using it on a send and the way it sounds in mono.

What I would respectfully like to know, is what Lexicon's hang up would be in regards to this? Duende SSL recently allowed for a machine-based activation in their recent update. They were the only other developer I use that were dongle-only. Figured there wasn't any harm in asking. Thanks

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