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Protocol specification for MX series

I understand the MX-Edit software is only available in 32-bit and there are no plans to provide a 64-bit version. Apple removed support for 32-bit software from macOS in version 10.15 (Catalina), so MX-Edit can not be used on the current version of macOS. This is of course a bit of a disappointment for owners of Lexicon MX devices, like myself.

I would like to request the following: Could Lexicon provide technical documentation on the protocol (SysEx?) used by Lexicon MX series devices? If so, software developers could develop a 64-bit (open source) alternative to MX-Edit. (I’m a software developer myself, although I’m not yet familiar with DAW plugin development.) I think that if we can make this happen this would increase the usefulness of these devices (which are still sold!), which would be a big win for both Lexicon MX users— because they don’t lose the ability to control their Lexicon MX hardware from their DAW software when they upgrade or replace their computer — and for the Lexicon brand as well, because happy users are always better for business than frustrated ones.

I hope Lexicon will consider giving its customers this opportunity by publishing this protocol specification.


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    HARMAN_EEldeHARMAN_EElde Posts: 1,366

    That is correct, further cementing that is the MX Series is slated now for EOL and will be discontinued soon. We have no Catalina workaround no.

    I can pass your suggestion onto our product dev and see what they say, there is no guarantees but can definitely pass on the request for that.

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