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MX200 - sound from channel 2 only

Having a problem -- have two inputs connected, both outputs going to separate channels, routing is on #3, but only getting effects from channel 2 on the mx200. The effect on Channel 1 is completely silent. I have the wet/dry mix at about 9 o'clock for each channel. Any ideas?



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    Other than the obvious check connections, cabling (make sure it is a good cable etc.). That is a dual stereo routing though, you should be hearing signal. Try to reset the MX200:

    Power up the MX200 while holding the Audition button. When you see the letters rE, let go and press the Store button. You will see Fr and then the unit will reset.

    If it still isn't working the unit might have issues that require service. Contact support via signature below for more options

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    TabutcherTabutcher Posts: 1

    Hi all,

    I'm using an analogue Soundcraft GB2 (the 16 channel version) and running from the post fader aux sends into a Lexicon MX200, back into the stereo returns of my desk. Meters on the MX200 are showing a healthy input signal, but I'm getting almost no signal back from the unit from either of the units processors. Have tried a couple of routing options, plus both stereo returns. Also tried routing it back into the channel strips so I could see how it looks on the meters and am struggling to get more than -22dBm.

    kabosu coin

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