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Online Store - no iLok key supplied - emails to support bounce and support UI inactive


I've seen other similar posts of this same issue. I purchased the MPX Native Reverb Plug-In through the online store, but in the 'My Account' and 'My Orders' Pages there is no iLok key supplied to be able to activate the software. I have tried on several browsers and even the downloaded webpage shows that there is no iLok key, and instead says 'N/A'.

I've tried emailing the [email protected] address several times but the email bounces, saying:
'The recipient server did not accept our requests to connect. Learn more at https://support.google.com/mail/answer/7720 [lexiconpro.com FAILED_PRECONDITION: connect error (111): Connection refused]'

Furthermore the Contact Us pages appear to do nothing - submitting a request shows no UI that suggests the comment has been submitted, and appears to disappear into the ether.

Since this is an online product I highly doubt a redistributor is going to be interested in helping with something they haven't sold, so I haven't explored this avenue yet.

Does anyone have any answers? What has happened to the Lexicon online support?


  • I'm also based in the UK, so spending ages on the phone on an international call rate doesn't fill me with joy.

  • HARMAN_EEldeHARMAN_EElde Posts: 1,320
    edited November 2020

    [email protected] is no longer in service, the contact email form does work on the website. It can take 24-48 hours for a response depending.

    Direct email support for the EU:
    [email protected]

    They can help you get your license issue resolved.

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