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Lexicon MX200 error Ar 00


I have Lexicon MX200 Effect Processor, and it has failed. At power on, Audition LED blinks, then I see 1.4 on the display, and after that I see switched texts "Ar" and "00". If I hold the User Program Knob and release it when "Pd" text is displayed, I'll see fast changed numbers 0, 1, 2, and number 2 stuck on the display.
I've googled, and I see that a few people also had faced the same problem (the same behaviour I can see by few messages below), but I've not found the solution.
Could you please give me advice on how I can repair my MX200?
I have great skills in electronic development and repair.
Power adapter is good and all of the secondaries voltages are present and they're clean: -15, +15, +5 and +3.3V.
Also, I've checked oscillation on the crystals, and I see interoperation on the Address and Data bus of MCU and SRAM.
I may replace any chips if that will need, or program the flash, I have all of the necessary equipment.
Could you please explain to me what that test code means and what I should check.

Many thanks in advance.

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