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mx-edit software for mx200

I have the mx-edit software that came with my unit for xp
is there a way of downloading the software for windows 10 somewhere
im seeing on the forum that they are no longer supporting for 64 bit
at this point Im just trying to learn what parameters i can control via computer
i have set it up using external on my vs2480
Is there a manual user guide that i can download so i can use it without the computer to see how to change parameters
any advice using it both ways will be greatly appreciated


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    ok I forgot I already found the user guide
    and see also the software download for 32 bit only up through w8
    ill probably set up a virtual w8 or xp os and try that way
    unless someone knows a work around for w10 32bit?
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    if im correct maybe i should be able to use the unit without the need to use mx-edit or use as a plugin?
    ill try using the computer based daw to send to external device
    As long as i can see the lexicon in my daw i should be able to connect
    ill see what drivers are needed and hopefully ill be good to go
    i thought the me edit might be good to see the settings on the computer
    but not necessary if i can use it on w10
    Any input or info is still welcome maybe to confirm my thoughts.
    ill try and report my findings
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    Once I downloaded the manual and actually read it I understand now how to utilize the unit. I downloaded the latest mix-edit program and had no issues using it with my W10 OS
    I haven't hooked it to my DAW yet but Im sure I can get it working as an external device using aux sends as Ive been able to do this with my Roland VS2480
    Ill try and see if I can use it as a VST in reaper. I think I need to use Spdif to go in digitally. Im not sure if this is where people had issues with 64bit
    But reaper recognizes it so it should be doable
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    HARMAN_EEldeHARMAN_EElde Posts: 1,376

    Hello, sorry for the late reply. Yes the MX Edit software is a VST control only plugin and it is 32Bit.

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