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Lexicon PCM total bundle upgrade from older to the latest!

dennisnybrattdennisnybratt Posts: 2
edited April 4 in Lexicon Software

I have download the latest PCM Total Bundle and I have a license in my iLook 2 for my old version of the bundle. Got the license with My hardware PCM 96 Surround
How do I activate the new one???

Mixbus 32c
Focusrite 8preX


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    There is no need to reactivate the license once you have it on your iLok Key. Are you getting activation errors?

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    Get the error that license is already activated in iLook2 witch is true!!!
    I think i mybe miss something.
    I have installed the new bundle but can not se the new version in iLook
    Witch step do I miss!!!
    Sorry for my bad english

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