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PCM Native Reverb Plugin Bundle Crashing Ableton to desktop

I dunno why you closed the other thread down? This statement is not true. Even in your own specs. you only state support for Mac® OS 10.4-11.3. See? Monterey and later not supported and do not work very well in my and others experience.

"Sounds like you guys may have missed this, but as I have stated elsewhere in the forum, our plugins work fine with M1 Macs and even the latest Mac OS using Rosetta. We will have native silicon support in the new update this year. If you have not downloaded and updated to the latest versions of the plugin you can do that at any time -"

Do you not think we allready have the latest versions running? I have scanned your site regular around 10 times a week for the last 2 years for new updates. Of course I have the latest version running.

As said. The chamber plugin upon opening directly crashes Ableton to desktop on my iMac Pro 2017 running Ableton 11 and Mac OS Monterey.
The other plugins takes around 10-15 seconds for them to "close down and release" spinning "the ball". Sometimes even crashing Ableton. Projects takes twice the time to load than earlier versions of the Bundle. (Though the older versions crashes Ableton to desktop directly when clicking the "preset" selector. Happens on all plugins.)

This is reported by several users.


  • HARMAN_EEldeHARMAN_EElde Posts: 1,365
    edited February 2023

    I closed the thread cause it was older and to avoid confusions for other forum members. Also, I make no assumptions for other users if they have updated :)

    As I said, we will have a new update that will address performance issues. I don't have an exact date or scheduled date for when this will be released.

    If you want to provide more details of your crash with Ableton

    Provide the following -

    Full Mac OS Version
    Full Hardware Specs of your Mac Computer
    Full DAW Version
    Full Crash Log Report

    For now, if you know of several users reporting this issue we can (or if you know them personally, you can) only let them know to report this info as well.

    To be honest, I have not gotten lot of support inquiries for this DAW and this exact particular issue so more data is helpful.

    Some lingering issues remain for some users with the last version with performance issues, unfortunately until the new update is released this year I cannot give any specific troubleshooting advice for your specific issue. Increasing your buffer size might work for you as well, that has helped some people with performance and crash issues. Chamber is a big offender of that now though with CPU usage spikes - an issue that will be fixed in the later version.

    I know you want a specific "when" but I can't give it to you when that will be released now. When I have more info, I will pass that on.

  • Thanks for reaching back. I sent a mail to "[email protected]" with the requested info.
    This is mainly a Mac OS issue towards the Plugins.
    Older versions of the bundle and older Mac OS... I never had a single issue through all years.

  • HARMAN_EEldeHARMAN_EElde Posts: 1,365
    edited February 2023

    @drifter7508 said:
    Thanks for reaching back. I sent a mail to "[email protected]" with the requested info.
    This is mainly a Mac OS issue towards the Plugins.
    Older versions of the bundle and older Mac OS... I never had a single issue through all years.

    You're welcome. Appreciate the requested info report via email! We will make sure it gets to dev while they are getting a beta release ready to test.

  • critzacritza Posts: 3

    Hello i can chime in here and say also that i am having big issues with the latest version of lexicon PCM bundle on OS 12.3.1 Macbook Pro M1 Max and Ableton 11.2.10

    Crashes, very heavy CPU loads on a single instance. are my biggest concerns

  • I'm having big ussues as well. I not running on Apple Silicon but I have major issues with Crashes in Ableton so I had to remove them from my productions all together.

    Either the project won't start or it starts but takes all the CPU and crashes the arrangement in Ableton.

    I still have them in my system but I don't use them anymore which is a shame because I LOVE them. Hope for that Update soon so that all those bugs are fixed and maybe I can upgrade my Mac from Intel to Apple Silicon and still use my loving PCM Reverb Bundle.

    I use a 2018 MBP Intel Quad 2.8, 16GB Memory running MacOS 13.6.3 with Ableton 11.3.20.

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