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How do I ring out my system ?

GodsrebborGodsrebbor Posts: 2
edited October 2018 in Soundcraft Mixing Consoles

I can't work out how to ring out my system. When I follow the instructions no filters come up (AFS2) and there are none in the presets, I have no idea what I am doing wrong and find the instructions a little hard to follow. Could someone please give me some guidance.

Kind regards,

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  • RLWRLW Junior Member Posts: 6
    Accepted Answer

    Hi Dean, I assume this is a UI series mixer, as it is one of the the few with AFS2. Here is a good youtube on the subject.


  • Yes RLW, I have a UI-16 and the Youtube link you gave me solved the problem, thank you very much.

  • SaroteSarote Posts: 1

    Hello, how are you? I have a question: can I connect a guitar directly to input 1 without a DI in the middle?

  • RLWRLW Junior Member Posts: 6

    @ Sarote, yes, if this is a UI series. input 1 has a combi jack, and via the GUI you can set it to high impedance, and even add guitar amp modeling and effects.

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