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ViSi Remote Improvements?

ViSi remote has some serious shortcomings that I've been hoping would be addressed in a software update. Still waiting. Anyone know if we'll ever be able to access the Lexicon effects engine? How about the cue list? Mute groups? Let's just start with that, shall we?


  • All of the items you have are at or towards the top of the list should there be resources allocated to make improvements to ViSi. Until resource allocation occurs there is no guarantee or timeline that any improvements will occur.

  • We all use consoles remotely now, this should be a priority allocation, or else why have it at all. Plus the current version locks up all the time as well

  • mananalumananalu Posts: 3
    edited February 2019

    as a follow up, we don't use the SI Impact anymore when need to do a remote set-up we use the Mackie DL32, which has a really good control interface. Love the sound of the SI, for now it just sits in the case....... kinda pissed thats what it comes to.......

  • dsabodsabo Posts: 1

    Are there plans to update the Visa Remote app so that the Board Mute Groups are reflected on the mix channel mute indicators on the app? Right now if you leave your board with mute groups there's no way to tell which channels are muted and you can't unmute them from the app once those mute groups are set (like you can from the board). On the board they all show red muted, but on the app they're all green still and not off/grey like they should. That's a big problem when you have an upper balcony sound board location like our church and you're down on the sanctuary floor and forgot you left the mute groups on. You have to sprint back upstairs to the board to unmute the groups. Not cool for those first couple of measures of the song as everyone turns to stare at you.

    Yes, I have modified my pre-worship set procedure before heading down to my sound tech table on the floor, but as a software technical team lead (not a real programmer, though), I know enough that this shouldn't be THAT major of a code modification to make the channel mute buttons go off/grey when the mute groups are on, just like they already do when your muting individual channels at the board or at the app. That functionality works perfect. Just add that set of coding lines between the mute groups code module and the app's channel mute indicator code module.

    Hope you can push this fix up in your Agile Backlog and into your next Agile software development sprint.

    Thanks for your time!

  • So sad...hope this becomes a priority...heck...publish the board api or remote source so we can pick up the slack!

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