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Pre/After Fader Listen and using a talkback mic - is it possible with the Ui24R?

I've had my Ui24R for a few weeks, very impressed, but have found that setting up multiple bands in a short space of time is much harder because of the lack of a talkback facility as well as being unable to solo listen through headphones when at the back of the hall away from the mixer (and too far for a direct USB connection). Is there a way to overcome this short of setting up a wireless mic and IEMs? I appreciate using the current WiFi hotspot might not give you the bandwidth for audio as well as control signals, but what about via one of the two ethernet ports? Might this be in a future firmware update? I look forward to being enlightened..


  • If you haven't already i recommend you joining the Facebook Ui24R group- very helpful and currently is much more active than this forum. In short the answer to your question is NO. You would need to use a wireless mic and IEM to accomplish what you're trying to do and it is unlikely (and i think Impossible) that any changes will be made via firmware to help you accomplish what you want to do..

    Obviously there will come a day where in future generations of products like Ui where this sort of thing might be possible. However at present there is too much latency and other issues to do this via WiFi or Bluetooth. Also the Ethernet ports are control only and aren't connected to the audio core.

  • Thanks for the helpful answer which didn't really come as a surprise. Thanks also for the Facebook forum tip which I'll follow up.

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