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I've had the 22 for several years now and have never had a problem. (I use OSX Sierra) Now i'm on a project where I need a tight footprint so i got the 12 and I can't get a signal through USB. This is baffling, as I assume it's set up the same way as the 22, right? Why wouldn't it be? The documentation shows that it is. Except for less ins and outs, it's exactly the same machine. The site indicates the user interface compatibility for both the 22 and the 12 is OSX Lion thru El Capitan - (!?) - I called support at 4:55 today (Tues) and got a recording saying it was "closed and to please call back during business hours - M-F 8am to 6pm." wtf?

Does anyone have any information that can help? Thanks in advance.


    my speaker config in audio/midi setup defaulted to 21/22 whenever the MTK22 was connected but since it hadn't been set to 11/12 yet it defaulted to 1/2 until i changed it.

    blind spot duh.

    ps - it was also clarified to me today that for tech support 8am to 6pm is Central Time - i thought they were in california. nuther duh.

  • I just got my 22 mtk- only issue Im having is the Right side is louder than the Left side in my mstr outputs.
    lights are reading well and even- DAw records it even - no matter if my mac is patched to a channel- in struments too SAME THING
    frustrated as fuc

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