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Notepad 12fx USB return to headphones

I just bought a Soundcraft Notepad12fx to use in a small home studio. I am trying to playback recorded tracks and want to hear the USB return channels in my headphones. I have pressed on the MASTER/USB RTN 3-4 button but no sound is coming through my headphones. The levels on channels 9 and 10 which is where the return is supposed to come in are up. The return is reaching the mixer because the the led signal lights are moving I just can't monitor through the headphones . If I leave the button on MASTER, the sound is monitored in my headphones. I have not received my speakers yet but I am pretty sure that the return will go through the speakers (which I don't want). How do I monitor the USB return through my headphones? I am using a Mac with Sierra 10.12.1 and have tried with both Audacity and Garage Band with no success.


  • jbergjberg Posts: 1

    Did you ever manage to sort this problem? I have exactly the same issue, both on PC and Mac.

    Thank you.

  • There are 2 ways to monitor the boards audio through headphones without having audio pass through the Main outs and onto Studio Monitors.

    1. Leave the Master/Aux button in the Master position, turn up the headphones knob, and turn the Master volume fader down. This will allow you to hear each channel you have turned up ( including USB from Computer 9-10 ) through the Main headphones out but NOT the Mains/Studio Monitors.

    2. Plug a SECOND set of headphones into the AUX jack and directly under that jack, there is a button labeled 'Output Type' Choose 'Stereo Headphones' by depressing it. You now have a completely independent mix controlled by the "Blue AUX' knobs. The 'AUX Master' knob controls the headphones volume. You can monitor any of the channels without affecting the main volume knobs OR Master fader. There's a good review of this feature here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmtniHK8CLk

  • In the video (15:36), it says I should be able to use the main/master headphone jack to check the AUX headphone output but when I switch from Master to Aux, the Aux level is inaudible when compared to having the headphones plugged in to the AUX.
    Put another way, if my second person, headphones in AUX hears well on theirs and I hear well on Master, then I switch to AUX on the Phones Level, I can't hear their AUX unless I crank the Phones Level to 10. It is as if the Aux Master isn't routing to the Aux-switched main headphones and it sounds like there is an amplification happening before out put to AUX headphone jack and Master headphone jack that is not happening when switched to Aux-switched main headphones.
    Is this by design? It seems odd.

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