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SOundcraft Expression 3 Locks up when using CLR

We have had a Soundcraft Expression 3 desk for a few years. It has performed without glitch to date.

Whilst re-patching connections and cleaning up some settings, the desk locked up. This was reproducible, with all controls, touch screen and rotary encoders freezing. It required a reboot to rectify.

The steps leading to this happening:

CLR button was held (to reset channel strip presets)
EQ , COMP and GATE were pressed in sequence (without releasing the CLR button)

This seemed fine once or twice, but then the console locks up.

This has not happened during a show or setup (but I suspect very few, if any, of our sound guys actually use this function)

The board is running latest 1.8 build 0006 firmware, and has been for some time without ANY other issues.

I have reported this to SOundcraft via web-form, but no response yet.

I'd be grateful if someone else could reproduce the issue (I believe it to be a firmware bug). It does not appear to be dangerous, and simply requires re-booting the console.

Here is a video of the issue on my console.

WOuld be grateful for a firmware fix, if the Harman guys are reading this.

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