Hello to all.
I have just acquired the UI 24R but when I select the Ui application for tablet on my tablet ' android), I have an error message of the type(chap): the page situated on http: // connectivitycheck.gstatic.com says: error...
Can anybody help me svp?
Beforehand thank you


  • Hi Fred. How are you connecting to your UI 24R? Are you connecting to its hotspot directly or have you added it to an existing Wifi network ? You say "when I select the Ui application for tablet", what application is this ?

  • I have just bought a UI24R and have the same issue. In fact, I have significant networking issues.

    I have updated the desk to the latest firmware as soon as I got it.

    I have only made one change to the Hotspot to add a password, however, when I connect to the desk I am told that I need to Sign in to the network.

    If I close this message off I can still use the desk but if I choose to accept that I must sign in then I receive the above error message and have to power cycle the desk to gain access to the mixer.

    I use Firefox as my browser on my tablet.

    If I use my laptop to connect to the mixing desk I cannot load any mixer pages and have a message on the WiFi network list saying that the Soundcraft WiFi needs attention.

    Finally, at its second gig, the desk decided to keep dropping the network connection to my tablet, I checked and no other networks were on the same channel or interfering and it appeared that the signal would drop every 30 seconds or so. After 4 restarts it became stable and usable but it nearly destroyed the gig.

    Can you advise what I am doing wrong?

    Many thanks,


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