Hello to all.
I have just acquired the UI 24R but when I select the Ui application for tablet on my tablet ' android), I have an error message of the type(chap): the page situated on http: // connectivitycheck.gstatic.com says: error...
Can anybody help me svp?
Beforehand thank you


  • Hi Fred. How are you connecting to your UI 24R? Are you connecting to its hotspot directly or have you added it to an existing Wifi network ? You say "when I select the Ui application for tablet", what application is this ?

  • I have just bought a UI24R and have the same issue. In fact, I have significant networking issues.

    I have updated the desk to the latest firmware as soon as I got it.

    I have only made one change to the Hotspot to add a password, however, when I connect to the desk I am told that I need to Sign in to the network.

    If I close this message off I can still use the desk but if I choose to accept that I must sign in then I receive the above error message and have to power cycle the desk to gain access to the mixer.

    I use Firefox as my browser on my tablet.

    If I use my laptop to connect to the mixing desk I cannot load any mixer pages and have a message on the WiFi network list saying that the Soundcraft WiFi needs attention.

    Finally, at its second gig, the desk decided to keep dropping the network connection to my tablet, I checked and no other networks were on the same channel or interfering and it appeared that the signal would drop every 30 seconds or so. After 4 restarts it became stable and usable but it nearly destroyed the gig.

    Can you advise what I am doing wrong?

    Many thanks,


  • My band was playing at Dodger stadium outside the gate for people lining up to get in. I was using a Behringer XR18 digital mixer with wifi built in. My tablet connected and I got the system set up. When the crowd arrived, I lost connection and could only reconnect for less than a minute before loosing it again. This happened at a casino as well. I read where many users were adding a dual band router the mixer and that would solve the problem so I did the same thing. You should not use the 2.4G band for your connection. Use the 5.8G band. There is a lot less interference. I have not had a problem since. I have done about 20 gigs with it so far. Just make sure your tablet has dual band wifi.
    Also, always have a hardwired (ethernet) connection to your mixer. Get a laptop that will hardwire connect to the mixer and you will never loose control of your mixer. You can still do the wireless at the same time for sound check.
    The UI24R has dual band wifi built in. Go to settings and select a channel in the 5.8G band. Have your tablet search for the UI24R wifi and connect. Type in the address of the mixer’s web page in your browser and it should connect. Select the tablet size display and you have a better wireless connection to your mixer.

  • drcbelldrcbell Posts: 1

    I am trialing a UI24R and am seeing similar issues.

    I have updated the f/w to the lastest and have tried to change teh access password to th ewifi settings. At this point the wireless dropped. I power cycled the mixer as instructed but cannot log into teh wifi settings. Each time I try the wireless drops.

    If I ignore the wireless I can use the desk without issue. I want to set up a new SSID and access for teh band and can no longer make changes!

    HELP!! Time is short and if this issue is unsolved this week it may make me look elsewhere!

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