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using cue's for productions

been using Cue's for our musical productions. Wanted to know if anyone has had experience with global filters. Changing an EQ on one Cue and having it span all other queues for same actor? Also, using User sets and having them change per cue ?


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    scytechscytech Posts: 148

    Please be clearer with your query. First of all, what is your system? What are 'global filters'? Is this software related on which console? Cue as in Aux, PFL, pre/post fader or something else? Why is global EQ important? Is production internal to desk or external? Is it for vocal, drum or other instrument? For playback or recording?

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    Which mixing console are you talking about?

    Soundcraft has many consoles.
    Actually Vi’s cue and Ui’s cue aren’t same function.
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