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soundcraft signature 12mtk - channel 11-12 headphones only mono?

Hallo to everyone, I'm new here. I own a nice soundcraft signature 12mtk and still cannot understand why on my return channel 11-12 from my Cubase DAW In the headphones I can get only a mono sound? The monitors play in stereo so the signal should be stereo. I might be missing something really basic? Thanks


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    Same issue, here. I’m still learning a lot with this thing.
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    As far as I understand if the PFL is engaged on the channel 11/12 then the channell is mono only in the headphones while the master is stereo but not clear how that can be since the 11/12 does sound in stereo from the monitor speakers? Why on earth it should only the headphone be mono? I do a lot of tracking in my cans and is a deal breaker for me to her in stereo in my headphones while tracking? Also the faders are of very very poor quality. On the channel 11/12 if I put the fader all the way down to 0 instead of che channel being silent I get a weird out of phase sound all on one Left side and if I try to slightly move the fader button left & right the sound change a lot. I start thinking that I have a faulty unit?...

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    How do I send a stereo monitor mix to aux out which I use for in ear monitors? Only the left ear phone has the aux mix.

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    The monitor mix is for a ui24r , the aux 4 out is connected to a volume box using a
    Standard xlr cable an a standard stereo headphone plugged into the volume box

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    Are aux outs stereo or mono? Since I am using Aux outs for monitors, I want stereo for in-ear monitors. The drummer uses in -ear running through a XLR to headphone adapter/ volume box. He only hears the left side of his in-ear headset. What can I do to give him stereo?

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    I just bought an MTK 22 and was having the same problem. I have used groups 3&4 with a double quarter inch mono jack to a single stereo jack into my headphones. I can now use groups 3&4 sliders to control the headphones in stereo. Remember to group to 3&4 on the channels button.

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    fellobondfellobond Posts: 3

    Same issue here. btw, Aux send channels are mono signal, but you should hear this mono signal in both ears, as it happens with behringer XR-18. Stereo signal is another story.
    Still, I have not resolved this issue by configuration, but someone suggested buying a kind of mini stereo to mono 1/8" adaptor in order to bring the signal to both ears.
    On my opinion there should be another way to resolve this issue without plugging adaptors for the 8 monitor mixes.

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