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si expression 1 Multi Digital Card

I use a SI expression 1 since 3 years without trouble. I had an old DAW ( windows XP ) with Multi Digital card use with firewire to record alls tracks of my SI expression in Reaper without trouble ( perfect with texas instrument chipset in my PC).
My old PC is Dead I have changed to a new PC dedicated for audio only ( strong PC with I7, a lot of ram, SSD and Sata, texas instrument chipset on pci express card and Windows 10 optimised for audio).
And now I have trouble to work with my SI expression in Firewire, some time all is Okay and sometime alls my records are damaged ( smalls sound distorded on eachs tracks recorded).
I must to shutt off Si expression and PC to do a new record. I have optimised my PC, try anothers firewire cards ....Same trouble.
On the web I see the Multi Digital Card is not compatible with Windows 10, it is real ? I have try with texas instrumens drivers and Legacy driver , same trouble . Should i try the usb output of Multi Digital Card for best ?
Can you help me please.


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    I have had problems with firewire card's in the past where there is a compatibility issue with the chipset where noise was being introduced. This happened with some old firewire presonus gear. The USB connection is probably your best bet, I hope you were able to figure this out.

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    Hello, I’m experiencing a similar problem.

    SI 2 expression with MADI/USB card connected to ADK laptop Windows 7/samplitude
    With 16 channel stagebox

    I’m experiencing intermittent severe digital noise/staticon the first eight channels in the Recording software, sometimes I can fix it by rebooting computer and console.

    It is too unreliable to use for recording, has anybody experienced a similar problem
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