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UI24 monitor from WIFI connected device.

Hi all
I have looked but cannot find this function. If it is not a function I believe it can be, so consider this a function request. Since an HTML 5 browser is used as the interface and one of the big advances in HTML 5 is the ability to stream and play audio. If this was done then Two Killer Functions become possible. Marketing wise I think it would turn UI24 up to the
1) The ability of the Sound Engineer to solo a channel and tweak it away from the fixed desk
2) An Inbuilt in ear capability so the band can use the same device they are adjusting their mix on as their in ear monitor receiver.

Kind Regards Ian Walker


  • ve5yanve5yan Posts: 1

    Yes, I do support this personal-in-ear monitor system, the musician already has the ability to adjust his/her own mix, the tablet/smart phone is already connected to the mixer, this personalized mix should be available to the musician via the device's audio output jack (ear plug).

    BTW I own an UI16.

  • Even if this feature was available it may not be as useful as you think because of delay. Even BT which is somewhat optimised for realtime audio has this issue and it will be worse with 802.11 WIFI. The reason is that to send the audio information over wifi, it is "packetized" then transmitted, depacketized and converted back to an analog audio signal for the earphones. If you have used your UI16 for a while you would have already seen the occasional visual stutter which moving sliders etc. and this becomes VERY noticeable with audio.

    Because the audio needs to be sent it real time there can be no buffering to smooth out these delays.

    That is why wireless in ear monitoring solutions use a simple RF carrier rather than a "packet" based digital transmission technology like BT or WiFi.

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