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Soundcraft Series Two

I am and at my age always will be an analogue user and I have just found an ex demo Series Two without a mark on it....only dust !!
It was so cheap I bought it and had a good case wrapped around it as it was too good to miss at the price. I realise these are 2000/2010 boards but does anyone have some feedback on them please? What the pre-amps are like and overall sound quality.
I have other desks which are reliable and I'd happily use but although I love Soundcraft I've never used one of these and try never to take anything out without some form of feedback.
Thankyou all very much.


  • cp1cp1 Posts: 2

    Hello.....Does anyone have any experience of one of these please? Sound quality etc....


  • Since this was an analog board, sound quality will vary greatly on the condition of the board. If faders, knobs, switches, or preamps are worn out, you will hear it.

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