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Got a soundcraft vi100 newly for a broadcast use...

The console was connected to a dante network to pick the inputs from yahmaha Rio... With all connections done and wordclock synced in as slave... The dante keeps disconnecting.. Good cables were used... What's the solution... It's driving me crazy


  • wolfgangwolfgang Posts: 7
    edited December 2018

    It´s hard to say with this few informations.
    One thing comes in my mind where I struggled myself the first time using Dante with my VI1000: The desk is set to switched mode per default where I was using a redundant Dante network setting. This just can be changed and displayed within the Dante Controller software and not on the desk.
    Otherwise there are a lot of buttons and settings which have to be done correctly to have a stable Dante network.
    With Yamaha involved it´s even worse. :)
    I love Madi so much!

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