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Soundcraft 12 MTK / Logic X pro / Mojave OS

Hi Folks,
I had my Soundcraft 12 MTK working well with Logic X pro 10.4.2 and High Sierra OS, I just recently changed to Mojave and its not recognizing the signal input....it does recoignize the mixer, but not the signal entering......... Any ideas ?


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    ramonramon Posts: 1
    Hi gpohls. Did you manage to sort this? I've got the same problem.
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    I've spent hours on this, with Harman support, Apple support - tried three different MTK mixers two 22 MTKs and one 12MTK), different interfaces, cables, different computers and OS versions. To make a painfully long story short (my first MTK had a component failure that both Harman and my dealer were great about), there are problems with the MTK and Mojave. Not with my Steinberg interface, or my Grace interface, or my cheap headphone DAC, or my high-end Bryston DAC and Mojave. ONLY the MTK. The good news, if there is any on this, is that the one unsolved bug I can't fix (and Apple can't explain) is audio coming out of iMovie. It doesn't work. iTunes, we're good, Logic Pro X, we're good - thank God. JUST iMovie. Annoying, but I'll have to live with it.

    Listen I love this thing. But much of the advice I got from Harman support kept coming back to "the mixer is only certified for El Capitan". Selling a new mixer in 2019 that is supposedly USB class-compliant but is only certified for an OS that hasn't been shipped on a new Mac since July 2016 is just not up to the Soundcraft brand.

    When can we see a firmware upgrade? Are firmware upgrades even possible?

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    Has anyone learned anything from Harman about this? They ignore my email queries and I've got two brand new, unopened Signature 12 MTKs which are going back to seller since they will not work as advertised for USB sends to Logic PRO X 10.4 on Mojave. Prospective buyers using Macs with a current OS should be warned about this product defect. While Harman does make obscure mention of support for El Capitan and a fossilized (v9) version of Logic, IMO Harmon is not worth supporting if they can't get it together to stay current, or even install a power AC mains switch.
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    @Musicartgeek your post above suggests you were able to get your MTK working with Mojave except for iMovie, if that's the case would you you care to share any tips on how to get it working?

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    Any new ideas on this? I think it's quite stupid that a professional company like Soundcraft sells a product (still on sale) and doesn't put out firmware to get it to work with a modern Mac OS (El Capitan is quite old!)

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    hansihansi Posts: 2

    hello! i get no sound at all to my 22mtk from logic on mojave, my older macbook with yosemite works fine though. so i want a firmware upgrade too. anyone know anything these days?

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    I have set signature 12 mtk I am trying to jam online on an app called jamkazam it does not recognize my unit. Any suggestions? Your help would be appreciated
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    Had the same issue. You need to adjust the Privacy settings

    Apple Website

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