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Upgrading from the Ui16 to the Ui24R, Can I export my settings to the Ui24?

Hi everyone. I have a Ui16 and ran out of inputs so I have upgraded to the Ui24R. If i export the setting, or files, to a flash drive can I import the settings to the Ui24R successfully? Will I have any problems? I just didnt want to start from scratch. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



  • I think that nothing in theory prevents to do so. I have browsed show/snapshot export files and everything in there is structured channel by channel ==> normally, Channels 1 to 16 of UI 24 should be set up by importing a show definition file.
    Can't you simply give it a try?

  • lacostenyclacostenyc Posts: 1

    I tried this going form Ui12 to Ui16 and was unsuccessful. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

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