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UI24r freezes and needs reboot...

...when play a sequence during a live show: I need to play a sequence of a reversed choir (.wav file) while we play a song, and control this sequence by the Player input slider in the main inputs view. After a couple of minutes the entire system freezes and locks up, and the only way to come back to normal operation is to reboot the box turning it off and then on again. To solve the problem I have to connect a .wav player to the Line In RCA plugs and control it by the relative faders.
What's wrong?
Thank You


  • I'm basically having the same issue. If my computer happens to go to sleep, the connection to the Ui24R is lost, rather than held (the way your previous settings are still there if you cycle your mixer's power.) I don't mind changing my computer's settings but if I need to, I would like to know about it in advance.

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