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22 MTK WILL NOT Connect to pc via USB

Just the facts....1 year old 22MTK connected to HP ENVY laptop WIN 10. When laptop starts up, the Usb connection chime sounds, and then the disconnection chime sounds, and then the connection chime.. disconnect chi...connection chime...disconnect chime...and again , and again, and again, until I physically disconnected the USB 2.0 cable from the board. Mind you, the constant connecting and disconnecting makes it impossible to record.

Restarting the hell out of everything,
did the ordered start up where the host comes up last, tried it the other way...
swapped cables....reinstalled drivers...ON BOTH the board AND the pc,
unplugged the USB link.
Shut down everything.
started up...
same issue.


  • Users of other products from Soundcraft have run into driver issues- it seems that the cert used to digitally sign the drivers of other products has expired, so the USB drivers will not work. It may be the case that yours has the same issue.

    If true, until the vendor updates the drivers with a valid certificate, it's going to be a problem for you. You can always disable the certificate check, but that is definitely opening up your system to viruses, so I don't recommend.

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