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ViSi Remote iPad software freeze

When using Impact Si together with iPad and ViSi Remote software and a local WiFi/Router to remotely control the Impact Si from the iPad, the software in the Ipad freeze after approximately 20-30 minutes. I have updated to the latest updates on the console 2.0 and the iPad ViSi software. I need to reboot the console to make it work again, but after 20-30 minutes the ViSi software freeze again. I can use the console without any problems at all times.
Any suggestion what to do?


  • dopo gli utlimi aggiornamenti lo fa molto meno.....in ultimo salvo la scena e spengo riaccendo console quando possibile.....

  • We have the same Problem as the threadstarter kallstromowe. I can't understand that there is no solution for such a great product :(

    Is there really no solution or was I not able to find one?
    Is there really no one of the professionels who can help?

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