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Notepad 8fx - No FX on aux send?

New to mixers so hoping I didn't get the wrong mixer for me :(

I have the Notepad 8fx, I was under the impression that the AUX/FX knob would control aux volume and effects volume. I have all the knobs turned up, and I'm hearing effects on the main mix, but I'm not hearing the effects on my aux send.

Does the aux send happen before any effects are applied? If so is there anyway around this?


  • ebiebi Posts: 4
    Same problem here. Seems like the 8fx is not as good as the reviews say it is
  • @tolem @ebi
    The output from the Lexicon effects appears in the main mix, not in the AUX. Read section 8.1 of the manual:
    “ Notepad 8FX
    Aux/FX Sends control input channel contributions to both the FX processor and the Aux output via the Aux master control. The processed signal is returned from the Lexicon FX processor at unity gain to the master mix, so the Aux master acts as the overall wet/dry control.”

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