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Anyone using Cakewalk?

I recently purchased a Ui24R and am unable to connect it to Cakewalk. My PC recognizes the unit - but Cakewalk does not. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    marcopolomarcopolo Posts: 11
    edited March 2019

    Ouch! I am using cakewalk and was planning to purchase a Ui24r. It comes with ableton lite! DOES NOT MAKE SENSE...8 input audio... ?? I will follow your post, please indicate if you managed to get it working with cakewalk. Thanks.

    Have you tried..the driver for windows ?

    Multi-Channel USB Audio Driver Setup v3.20.0 (Windows)

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    I use Sonar and also Guitar Tracks Pro but only record one track at a time. I know that if I had a multiple in and out interface I would have to map the inserts to the tracks. You probably know this already, but if not this may be the problem.

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    marcopolomarcopolo Posts: 11

    Jamespcostello any success with the windows driver?

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