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Is there such a thing as this? (UI24, monitor mix)

PaulriversPaulrivers Posts: 1
edited March 2019 in Soundcraft Mixing Consoles

Hi All,

Currently using a UI24 system. As a drummer, I'm using an aux output mix to control my in-ear monirors.
At present, I'm controlling my mix using an android pad, and that's an awesome feature, which has transformed the on-stage experience.

However, the practical reality of this is that trying to make adjustments in a live-gig situation is really difficult, as a touch-screen isn't really tactile, so it's really easy to hit the wrong part of the screen, or over-run fader adjustments - especially while playing, or in the few seconds between songs.

So... is there such a thing as a PHYSICAL small mixer/controller that has REAL faders/knobs that would connect to the UI series boxes, specifically to control a sub-mix? Would only really need to adjust relative levels? It would be so much easier to reach out and touch/adjust a real fader (or rotary) - amost by feel, without having to look over at the pad. I could do that even while playing, which is virtually impossible with a touch-screen.

if not, how about introducing such a thing?


  • grilem2grilem2 Posts: 2
    edited April 2019

    run your aux out to small mixer. send it plenty of signal and use it to adjust volume to your in ear monitor channels, I guess.. behringer makes one, yamaha, almost everyone.

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