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ASIO driver 3.20 and Windows 7

I see nothing in any documentation about the driver and which OS it supports.
I had it working once on a newer laptop but I'm trying to set it up using an older W7 laptop.
The driver installs but a the end it asks you to unplug and re plug USB cable. I never plug in USB cables until prompted as a rule so found this a bit weird. Did it want it plugged in to begin with?
Anyhow nothing happens and no matter what I do and the mixer is not recognized.
I opened the Harman Control panel and it shows no device.
I tried 4 different USB cables
I tried re booting 2x
I tried all 3 USB ports.


  • johnverejohnvere Posts: 2

    I take it this is one of those so called "inactive" user forums. O well, I got it to work and I will share just in case someone else has same problem. Obviously the company has no interest in supply clear instructions so..
    After you install he driver you need to turn off the Mixer and turn it back on. This does not make much sense to me as one would think unplugging the USB cable would suffice.

  • FoggyFoggy Posts: 2

    Hope this works for me, having same issue, driving me nuts!

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