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UI16 issues

StevieG8StevieG8 Posts: 1
edited March 2019 in Soundcraft Mixing Consoles

My church got a sound system with the Ui16 playing a prominent role.
One of my jobs is to record the sermons on a USB, process them and post them on our website.
The problem (it's not earth-shattering, it's just aggravating) is that the UI16 puts it on my USB in a folder called "recordings".
I can't change it, I can't redirect it and I can't create a new folder that it will go in to.
I can get by that but I would like to know how to set the date and time so the file names will be named something that I can recognize as being TODAY'S sermons. Right now, the file name defaults to the year 2000 at midnight.
Is there a way that I can set the date and time on the Ui16 itself?
It hasn't always done that. When we first got it, the files were named appropriately.

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