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Ui16 doesn't recognize flash drives

Our Ui16 has taken to not recognizing flash drives in both the recording and playback ports. It used to work. I've formatted the drives in a variety formats, e.g., ntfs, fat32, none work. This a church install and we want to start recording the services. Any thoughts on the topic will be appreciated

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  • rorajoeyrorajoey Posts: 1

    I'm encountering the same issue.
    I have a brand new 128 GB Samsung "Fit Plus" USB drive. I copied several mp3 files to it from my computer and plugged it into the Ui16. The contents of the USB drive did not show up. I tried to reformat it (exFAT) and copy the files to it again, but got the same results.
    I have another USB drive (256 GB PNY "Elite X-Fit") which works without any problems. But the issue is that I want to use the PNY for recording (because it has a higher capacity) and the Samsung for playback.
    Why would one work but not the other?

  • I spoke with tech support. They said that the ui16 will only accept 32gb drives and smaller that have been formatted to FAT32.
    I've seen previous posts stating folks using larger drives and it working. That's great, but tech support stated the above. So if you're having issues, this may be why you're having issues.

  • I ran into this problem when I purchased the fastest USB drive I could find, 256 GB SanDisk Extreme PRO, so that I could record multiple tracks using the SoundCraft UI24R. Tech support's answer is partially correct. A Soundcraft UI will only recognize a USB formatted with a FAT32 file system. FAT32 is limited to 32 GB. If you have a larger USB drive, and assuming you are using Windows, use the Disk Management tool to format the first 32 GB as FAT32. You can format the rest of the USB drive exFAT for other purposes such as free up space on the 32 GB FAT32 partition when you fill it up.

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