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Ui24 multitrack recording question

dogrokketdogrokket Posts: 2
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What is the functionality of the 'soundcheck' feature? The documentation is nonexistent. All I know, is that when I activate soundcheck, i have no audio and all the sliders disappear on the Gains screen. BTW, I only use the monitor channels in my home setup. I understand the two channel USB recording feature, and have been able to record with the multitrack, but as I said, the documentation is seriously deficient re multitrack recording. I am also NOT using a DAW yet, just recording to a USB stick.


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    marcopolomarcopolo Posts: 11

    From manual section 5.6

    Soundtcheck is basically another set of patches. It can be used to set up a trial mix via pre-recorded files
    on USB for example or work on a straight live soundcheck or a mixture of both. Setup is the same as it is
    for normal patching applications. Once the Soundcheck mode is engaged the selection panel will be green.
    There are two ways to activate Soundcheck either through the SETTINGS>PATCHING>OVERVIEW

    Hum.... why not simply use patching? Not clear to me neither...

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    A ui24r como como interface é melhor liga-la aum a entrada usb 2.0 ou usb 3.0 de um pc windows ?

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    Duplicated post .

    2.0 is enough but usually 3.0 works as well.
    Whichever okay.
    Try once.
    If it worked well, use the same one of the same position every time.

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