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Spider71 Ui16 Firmware not upgrading to latest 7548 from 7048

Spider71Spider71 Retired UK Sound tech never got to retirePosts: 4

Spider71 Hi all I have acquired a Ui16 with firmware still set on 7048 instead of 7548. I have downloaded 7548 left it zipped put it onto a USB drive stick and put it into the USB drive. It goes through all the steps asking me if I wish to update my Firmware which I accept so it shows the message update in progress and finishes but after power cycling the mixer and checking on the about screen it is still showing 7048 why please thx


  • awallaceawallace Posts: 2

    I have the exact same issue as Spider71. UI16 Will not update to 7548 from 7048. I have tried multiple devices, and different usb drives. Just recognizes the USB was inserted and then nothing. Please someone help.

  • awallaceawallace Posts: 2

    Forgot to mention that mine will not show updating at all. only that the usb was inserted.

  • Has anyone got this issue fixed. I still can't upgrade to 7548, having same issue.

  • Spider71Spider71 Retired UK Sound tech never got to retire Posts: 4

    Since posting this I discovered that the USB must be Formated to FAT32 and not Windows FatX totally empty and also must be for Windows operating devices zipped by the Explorer windows program. If using any other zip software program the Ui mixer will not see the update and fail. Hope that helps someone John

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